Things I Like: Robotech: BattleCry

Robotech: BattleCry Nintendo Gamecube boxart

This game was based off some old 80’s anime series. Oddly enough, from what I can tell the game was never released in Japan at all. There were Robotech games made before and after it that never saw release in the United States as well. Why the confusion? Who knows.

Robotech: BattleCry video game

Well Japan was missing out on a game that truly could have enjoyed. I never watched the show, but the robots in here were pretty cool.

Robotech: BattleCry PS2 Xbox Gamecube

I think there were 3 modes you could transform your robot into, and it gave the game-play a bit of variety and substance. It may not have been the greatest game in the world, but it was a surprisingly well done game for something based on a show nobody remembers.

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