Things I Like: Bamboo Blade (Complete Anime Series)

Bamboo Blade DVD cover

The whole series is only like 26 episodes so it’s not super long like many other anime shows. The show is about a high school kendo (think fencing but Japanese style) team and their adventures.

Kojiro Bamboo Blade

The main character is Toraji Ishida who is a worthless kendo coach who often begs for food and scared to face life’s obstacles. He is more commonly referred to as Kojiro

Tamaki Kawazoe Bamboo Blade

Then there is Tamaki Kawazoe who Kojiro finds out of the blue after seeing her use her amazing ability at swordsmanship. She also likes anime and manga very much. She joins the team only to serve as an “anime-like protector” after seeing a former member assaulting freshmen.

Kirino Chiba Bamboo Blade

Then there is Kirino Chiba who is the team captain despite being a rather wishy-washy fighter depending on her mood. She does have a good heart, and has a lot of comedic appeal.

Bamboo Blade anime

Overall it’s a decent and memorable anime. It starts out really funny and creative, however there is a plot point that drags it down to a rather depressing mood. I kinda wished the whole series didn’t turn all melancholic all of a sudden, but it has a decent ending.

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