The Witcher (TV Series) Season 2 Review

The Witcher season 2 Netflix poster

About a year ago I started The Witcher series on Netflix. My wife and I are big fans of the show, and I’m glad I started a little late because the wait for this season was well more than a year. Was the newest season of The Witcher worth the wait?

Geralt vs demon The Witcher season 2 Netflix

The story takes off after the events that left the Kingdom of Cintra in ruins. Geralt has taken Princess Ciri to safety. But there are few places safe anywhere in the continent. They will be hunted no matter where they go.

Ciri starts her training at Witcher camp The Witcher season 2 Netflix

Ciri is taken eventually to a safe haven for all Witchers during the winter. She starts to look at Geralt with envy, she really wants to be as strong as a witcher, but she has a dormant power inside her that can make even Geralt’s powers look modest. If only the princess could control it properly.

Yennefer captured after Sodden The Witcher season 2 Netflix

Yennefer on the other hand went missing after a big battle. Geralt accepted the false idea that she was dead and had to keep moving. But she was instead captured by the enemy. But it’s who she meets later that will change everything.

Geralt and Jaskier reunite The Witcher season 2 Netflix

Overall the second season of the Witcher is excellent, though I do prefer the original season. I forgot a lot about the fictional politics and I was rather confused for the first half. It’s also a super short season, so that can be a bummer for some. Netflix still has a golden goose with this one, I’m definitely looking forward to the third season.

Score: A-

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