Hawkeye (TV Series) Review

Hawkeye Disney+ poster Hailee Steinfeld Jeremy Renner

This may have been a pandemic year still, but a wonderful time for a flood of content from the MCU. Especially as their original TV shows for Disney+ kept coming out. Wandavision was my favorite slightly but everything was really good minus The What If… show. Was Hawkeye a hit or a dud?

Hailee Steinfeld as Kate Bishop Hawkeye Disney+

The real main character is not Clint Barton, but a young wealthy girl named Kate Bishop. As a little girl, she saw the Avengers fight Loki in New York and was inspired to take up archery by her favorite Avenger, Hawkeye. But things change when her mom gets engaged and her fiance’s ties to organized crime start appearing obvious.

Maya Lopez Hawkeye Disney+ Alaqua Cox

A mob known as the Tracksuits are after something important. The vigilante known as the Ronin is their target they hope to eliminate. After Kate Bishop steals his outfit to escape, they think it’s her. And she’ll need help from the real Ronin, Clint Barton.

Yelena Belova green coat elevator Hawkeye Disney+ Florence Pugh

Unfortunately for Clint Barton, Natasha Romanov’s sister Yelena Belova was fed false information that Hawkeye killed Black Widow during Avengers: Endgame. Now Yelena as the new Black Widow is looking for nothing short of vengeance. And she’s almost as deadly as her redheaded sister.

Clint Barton and Kate Bishop Hawkeye Disney+

I really enjoyed Hawkeye more than I expected. Definitely more than Loki, but perhaps not better than the others. The story is really good and all the actors are fantastic. Hailee Steinfeld is obviously going to be a major part of the MCU soon, and she definitely nailed her role.

Score: B+

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