Things I Hate: StarFox Adventures (Nintendo Gamecube)

StarFox Adventures Nintendo Gamecube boxart

I tried my hardest as a Nintendo fanboy to love this game. It’s just rotten.

Dinosaur planet vs StarFox Adventures

Rare came up with the idea to ruin the StarFox series after seeing how close their fox character in Dinosaur Planet was to StarFox. The game was moved from N64 to GC.

Arwing mission StarFox Adventures

There aren’t many Arwing missions, which are actually quite good. I guess some of the shooter talent was still at Rare at the time.

Fox McCloud StarFox Adventures

Instead Fox just gets a bow staff that shoots lazers and stuff.

Combat StarFox Adventures

The ground enemies just sit around and wait for you to attack them.

Shooting bird with staff StarFox Adventures

Same with air-bound enemies. One even makes an annoying laugh.

StarFox Adventures Nintendo Gamecube

There was a lot of exploration, though nothing much to find.

T-Rex StarFox Adventures

The dungeons were boring and the design is cookie cutter after the dungeon with the dinosaur boss. Which is like the only boss of the game until the end.

General Scales StarFox Adventures

General Scales sucked. You didn’t even get to fight him.

Krystal StarFox Adventures

Krystal is not hot either, weirdos. I do blame this game for a generation of sick furries.

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