Video Game History: Castlevania: Resurrection (Sega Dreamcast)

Sonia Belmont

Resurrection was suppose to be a fully 3D Castlevania game for Dreamcast. However it was cancelled in 2000 after problems internally and the failure of the Dreamcast commercially.

Castlevania Resurrection sega Dreamcast

It was suppose to star Sonia Belmont who was apparently received a “resurrection” from her grave.

Viktor Belmont Castlevania Resurrection sega Dreamcast

You were also suppose to take control over Viktor Belmont who must of been the living heir at the time.

Death Grim Reaper Castlevania Resurrection sega Dreamcast

Death was going to make an appearance.

Dracula Castlevania Resurrection sega Dreamcast

And of couse Dracula himself.

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