Video Game History: Haunted Castle (Arcade)

Haunted Castle Castlevania spinoff

Haunted Castle might seem like a title nobody remembers, but it was actually one of the first games in the Castlevania series. Oddly enough, Konami seemed to keep remaking the story each single time. This is no real sequel, instead Dracula wakes up one day and decides to capture Simon Belmont’s wife Selena right after the wedding. Vampires hate not getting an formal invitation.

Simon Belmont Haunted Castle Castlevania spinoff

And it plays pretty much the same as the original Castlevania on NES. Standard platforming, you still use a whip, and plenty of the classic old-school monsters as regular enemies.

Arcade game Haunted Castle Castlevania spinoff

Except it was really frustrating from what I hear. This one disappeared from arcades ages ago.

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