Things I Like: The Shining (1980 Film)

The Shining movie poster 1980

I never read the novel though I hear it differs from it, and King was noted to dislike the film version. 

The Shining movie 1980

The movie is about Jack, and his wife Wendy and their son Danny. Jack just got a new job to be a caretaker during the lonely winter months of a hotel that can’t be traveled to during snowstorms. 

Danny meeting Dick Hollaran The Shining movie 1980

Before everyone leaves besides Jack and company, Danny gets a surprise from Dick Hollaran who tells him that he “shines” just like him. Danny has psychic powers, which come in handy later in the novel.  

Two ghost girls The Shining movie 1980

The hotel is filled with ghosts and dark memories. Like the 2 girls above who were murdered by their father who was caretaker just like Jack. 

Jack and Danny The Shining movie 1980

Seeing Jack descend into madness is the majority of the film. More of a drama movie during these parts than a traditional horror film. 

Jack Nicholson The Shining movie 1980

He even meets the old ghosts of the hotel, back when the place was busting with people during the roaring 20’s. 

Bathroom attendant The Shining movie 1980

He even meets the worst dad in the world next to himself. 

Axe scene The Shining movie 1980

Once Jack is possessed by the hotel, the movie becomes a suspense horror film. Even though Wendy and Danny have their own means of defense (Wendy with knives and bats, and Danny with his Shining), you fear for them most of the film, and you can’t help but wonder what happens next. It is truly one of the best movies in the horror genre. 

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