Things I Like: Free Guy (2021 Film)

Free Guy 2021 movie poster

I had somewhat ignored Free Guy when it came out in theaters. Recently my wife and I watched it on HBO Max and I also hear it’s available on Disney+.

Ryan Reynolds as Blue shirt Guy Free Guy 2021 movie

Ryan Reynolds plays a NPC in a video game called Free City, which is an obvious parody of a game like Fortnite. He plays his role as a banker every day and isn’t alarmed by anything that goes around him.

Molotov girl leather pants Free Guy 2021 movieJodie Comer

That’s until he lays eyes on Molotov Girl, a pro player with a British accent. For him, it’s love at first sight.

Blue Shirt Guy finds sunglasses Free Guy 2021 movie Ryan Reynolds

So he manages to find sunglasses from an actual human player and realizes he’s in a fictional world, not a real one.

Molotov girl Millie falls in love with Guy Free Guy 2021 movie Jodie Comer

So he finds Molotov Girl to learn how to be a better player. He has no idea that she is an American woman named Ellie and she is on an actual mission.

Antwan being a douchebag Free Guy 2021 movie Taika Waititi

As some douchebag named Antwan took her code to make Free City and got rich off of it. She plays the game in hopes to find the evidence that he stole from her hidden somewhere. That dude is definitely the biggest douche in recent memory, I’m surprised he didn’t attend my middle school.

Molotov girl and Blue shirt Guy Free Guy 2021 movie Jodie Comer Ryan Reynolds

You may not think it’s a great film, but it’s hard for anyone not to think it’s a good movie. Ryan Reynolds has done funnier roles in the past, but I definitely enjoyed this new movie especially as a gamer, albeit one who doesn’t play much Fortnite.

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