Things I Like: Jupiter’s Legacy (TV Series)

Jupiter's Legacy poster Netflix

Jupiter’s Legacy came out on Netflix last year and while I had no idea about it at the time, my wife picked it for us to watch the other day. I didn’t quite know what to expect. It was good but there is a catch.

The original Union members in their prime Jupiter's Legacy Netflix

The series revolves around a superhero group that is unrelated to anything from Marvel or DC Comics. The plot technically starts during the 1920s and expands until present day.

Magic portal opens on the island Jupiter's Legacy Netflix

I will say that I really enjoyed the origin story of how the first generation of superheroes got their powers.

Sheldon Sampson regular clothing farmhouse Jupiter's Legacy Netflix Josh Duhamel

The leader of the superheroes for the whole timeline is Sheldon Sampson, who goes by the superhero name the Utopian. While he is a likable guy, his strict no kill policy has worse results on innocent lives than Batman’s choice to let evil people keep breathing.

Grace Sampson Lady Liberty costume Jupiter's Legacy Netflix Leslie Bibb

I was a little surprised how much his wife agreed with him most of the time. But she definitely is the far more likeable of the pair. She sees reason far more.

Brandon Sampson Paragon costume Jupiter's Legacy Netflix Andrew Horton

When their son Brandon decides to kill a super villain that was about to murder them all, the story starts to get very complex but somehow falls short.

Chloe Sampson car photoshoot Jupiter's Legacy Netflix Elena Kampouris

They didn’t give their daughter Chloe enough time to earn enough sympathy from the audience. I didn’t really care much for her ungrateful and rebellious attitude and her very poor life choices.

Skyfox vs Walt Jupiter's Legacy Netflix Ben Daniels

The first two or three episodes we’re a bit of a chore to watch. But by the end of the season, it starts to get pretty interesting and cool. Then Netflix had quickly canceled the whole thing, LOL. It’s definitely obvious this is a very expensive show to make, and while I don’t blame Netflix for pulling the plug because of profitability, they should have had more faith in their project from day one.

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