Things I Like: Moon Knight (TV Series) Season 1

Moon Knight MCU poster Disney+

I really do love most things Marvel, but Moon Knight was definitely a character who’s rather obscure. He’s been in the comics for a long time and Phase 4 of the MCU welcomes him in.

Steven Grant at the museum Moon Knight MCU

The main character is Steven Grant. An English man who works in a museum. He’s very smart, but he’s treated very poorly by his colleagues.

Marc Spector Moon Knight MCU Oscar Isaac

He’s horrified to realize that he loses control to another self, an American named Marc Spector. He’s a badass mercenary who can leave more bodies than they can make coffins for, if he wants to.

Khonshu Moon Knight MCU

Turns out they both can become the superhero Moon Knight if they want. All thanks to the not so beloved Egyptian god Khonshu.

Ethan Hawke as Arthur Harrow Moon Knight MCU

But who they must fear is Arthur Harrow who serves the goddess Ammit. Ethan Hawke did a wonderful job portraying him. I liked how he was a bad guy who thought he was on the side of good. Being a protagonist of a story is often subjective, isn’t it?

May Calamawy as Layla Moon Knight MCU

I also liked the character of Layla and her relationship with both Steven and Marc. I was glad Disney casted an actual person of Arab descent for this role.

Egyptian goddess Taweret Moon Knight MCU

They also do a wonderful job mixing in Egyptian mythology in the show. Especially as most of the gods you see, are the lesser known deities.

Oscar Isaac Moon Knight MCU mental hospital afterlife

Most fans seem to favor Moon Knight, but I found it as the weakest MCU show so far. I enjoyed it, but my wife thought it was too boring. It’s definitely a weird television program for sure. But Oscar Isaac killed it acting wise, especially nailing the English accent.

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