Things I Like: Pokemon Sun/Moon (3DS)

Pokemon Sun Nintendo 3DS boxart

Pokemon Sun and Moon were pretty darn good.

Sparrows flying above trainer pokemon moon Pokemon Sun Nintendo 3DS

Sun and Moon are set in the land of Alola which is based on the U.S. state of Hawaii like how Kanto was obviously based on a region in Japan. Like Japan and Hawaii, there are people from Kanto and elements of its culture in Aloha. Your hero character is a new trainer on Melemele island (one of four big islands) and is given the task of completing the island trails (which replace the gyms) by Professor Kukui. Not long into the quest, you encounter a pokemon known as Nebby (Cosmog) who is taken care of (badly) by a girl named Lillie. The little Cosmog Nebby has mysterious powers and it seems to be wanted by the nefarious Team Skull.

Drowzee pokemon moon Pokemon Sun Nintendo 3DS

Battles are pretty much the same as in X and Y. Instead of Mega-Evolutions however you use Z-powers which can be used by any pokemon as long as they use the same element as a move. But I noticed tag-team battles rarely ever happen and they are ridiculously easy. While the first couple of generations of games always added 150+ pokemon to the roster, most of the ones you encounter here are old favorites. Some of them have “Alola forms” which means they either look or act different than what we’re used to. Like having a Vulpix (and Ninetails) that is a ice type instead of a fire type. Instead of gyms you have to go through island trials. Some of them just require you to defeat a powerful pokemon master, while others have you fighting a super-form of a traditional pokemon known as the Totem pokemon. You also have to travel between different islands (which are fairly different) before your quest is over.

Pokemon professor pokemon moon Pokemon Sun Nintendo 3DS

But overall Sun and Moon was much better than I had expected when I first heard of the game. They make things quite different and this has been the first pokemon game in a long time to give me a challenge. I imported my high-level pokemon from Pokemon X and even I had trouble with the later foes in the game.

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