Things I Hate: Hemlock Grove (TV Series) Season 1

Landon Liboiron Hemlock Grove Netflix

Hemlock Grove is a Netflix original series I had no idea existed until recently. It’s in the horror genre which I tend to avoid if I can. It’s based on a novel of the same name.

Freya Tingley Hemlock Grove Netflix

The story is set in the town of Hemlock Grove in Pennsylvania. Peter Rumancek and his mother move into town, but some people of the town don’t like them too much because they are Romani (gypsy) people. A girl named Christina helps spread a rumor that Peter is really a werewolf which the whole town will seem to believe.

Hemlock Grove Netflix

Coincidentally a young woman was murdered, and it seemed to had been done by a vicious animal. Most in town point their fingers at Peter, but he was not responsible. He forms a friendship with Roman Godfrey, a strange guy with his own problems but happens to be part of the most powerful family in town. They find out a real werewolf was behind it, and when more victims appear, they work together to stop the monster.

Famke Janssen Hemlock Grove

Even though I said I don’t like the genre, I have liked things within the genre before. I haven’t seen work based on Stephen King that I didn’t like. But I really thought Hemlock Grove was very disappointing. The acting can often be a joke, and I thought Roman Godfrey was too much of a drama queen to be likable. It also has a lot of things that are just plain weird, and relies on too much stuff that is just grotesque.

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