Things I Like: House of Cards (UK TV Series)

Francis Urquhart British House of Cards tv show

Like many I noticed Netflix’s House of Cards TV series with Kevin Spacey a few years ago. I liked the series so far and I had almost waited to see this British TV series on which the American show is heavily based on. I didn’t want to it spoil the ending in some way, but I don’t really like how they kind of seem to be stretching things about in the American incarnation. I heard the British TV series is better in ways, and it’s actually quite short. What the American House of Cards got done in about 26 episodes only took four in the British TV series. It’s actually based on a novel of the same name by Michael Dobbs who actually served under Margaret Thatcher in the British House of Commons as a Conservative MP.

Prime Minister Henry Collingridge British House of Cards tv show

It’s set in the early 1990’s as the ruling Conservative Party in Great Britain has the big question on who to replace Margaret Thatcher as Prime Minister. Most watch on as big names in the cabinet are the front-runners. The Conservative Party goes for the “safe” choice with Henry Collingridge as he becomes the new Prime Minister. Chief Whip Francis Urquhart looks on but pledges loyalty to the new Prime Minister nevertheless. Francis Urquhart is a no nonsense Tory who’s ultimate goal is to see his party stay in power. The Conservatives have been in power too long and could very well see changes. Francis Urquhart begs the new Prime Minister to consider a shuffle of new cabinet ministers which also includes himself getting a new role. Collingridge refuses and Urquhart remains Chief Whip.

Francis Urquhart and his wife British House of Cards tv show

Francis Urquhart feels utterly snubbed and quite furious at his new Prime Minister. To everyone (including the new Prime Minister) who is a loyal Conservative who out to make sure the new Prime Minister stays in power. However Urquhart plots revenge, which will ultimately lead to him possibly being Prime Minister instead. He plots against him in secret hoping to have his position become unstable. When Collingridge begs for help, Urquhart is there to “make sure” the real culprit is found so they can be ousted from party ranks. But toppling such a man is no easy task, and Francis Urquhart may have to resort to some very dark things to achieve his goal.

Francis Urquhart throws woman off of Parliament rooftop British House of Cards tv show

Overall I’ll say that the original House of Cards TV show kind of let me down. Part of it is that I kind of knew what was going to happen. Some people let secrets out and the show mirrors the American one in many ways. I think I was disappointed most by how not-so-evil Francis Urquhart is here. The American version with Frank Underwood had some pretty dark stuff, but Urquhart only crosses the line very late on in. But he still seems kind of a nice fellow that you can have a “cup of tea” with, Frank Underwood is certainly more evil when it comes to the role of anti-hero. There’s still two more seasons to watch so I hope to see a bit of a darker tone.

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  1. Theresa says:

    I skipped this one. We really liked the American version up until the last season when Spacey wasn’t on anymore.


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