Things I Like: Anger Management (2003 Film)

Anger Management 2003 movie poster Adam Sandler Jack Nicholson

I remember watching this a few years after it came out. Definitely far from the best of Adam Sandler’s comedies, but it’s certainly much better than his more recent attempts.

Jack Nicholson Adam Sandler Anger Management 2003 movie

I will admit that the story is rather silly. A really nice guy gets seated next to an anger management coach on a plane.

Jack Nicholson Anger Management 2003 movie

And he ends up becoming a court-ordered patient, despite not really having much anger inside of him at all.

January Jones Krista Allen Anger Management 2003 movie Adam Sandler

And his therapy gets him into really bizarre and absolutely insane situations.

Marisa Tomei Adam Sandler Anger Management 2003 movie

And it turns out that it was all started by his girlfriend who wanted him to propose. Which is beyond messed up, even though they have the happy ending in the finale of the movie. I’m shocked he wasn’t even mad about it, lol.

Rudy Giuliani cameo Anger Management 2003 movie New York Yankees baseball game scene

I almost forgot about the cameo with Rudy Giuliani, who in 2003 was still a highly respected mayor of New York City. And he flushed down his legacy and became a puppet of the treasonous anti-American loser and Russian puppet Donald Trump.

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  1. Martha says:

    This was a fun movie. Nothing spectacular but one that is good for those times when you want to laugh.

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