Things I Like: Hookbill the Koopa (Yoshi’s Island)

Hookbill before transformation Yoshi's Island SNES Nintendo

Koopa troopas are perhaps the most famous and most beloved Mario enemies in the whole series. So this was neat to see Kamek use magic to make a monstrous koopa troopa for Yoshi to fight.

Boss battle Hookbill Yoshi's Island SNES Nintendo

The battle is all about your shooting accuracy. After a couple of eggs to the face, Hookbill will start to weaken.

Hookbill hit by Yoshi's eggs Yoshi's Island SNES Nintendo

And then you have to knock him over for good.

Yoshi and Baby Mario defeat Hookbill with a stomp Yoshi's Island SNES Nintendo

And a good STOMP! And he’s done with. While not my favorite boss in the game, Hookbill was pretty close to the top.

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