Things I Hate: History 101 (TV Series) Season 2

History 101 Netflix season 2 poster

I was actually really impressed by the first season of History 101. This Netflix original was filled with a lot of factoids, but the second season is definitely not the same, despite following a very similar episode structure.

History of credit cards History 101 Netflix season 2

The season goes through various topics just like first; such as GPS, mp3s, credit cards, and more.

Laser eye surgery History 101 Netflix season 2

Each episode does have a fairly good detailed history about its covered topic. I think my personal favorite for the season was probably the laser one.

Exercise History 101 Netflix season 2

But unfortunately most of these topics do seem to be not nearly as interesting as the original season. Even the factoids filled in them are not nearly as numerous or interesting. I wouldn’t call it a bad season, but I was definitely very disappointed with it. Especially as some episodes seemed a bit too biased towards a certain point of view.


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