Things I Like: Trevor Belmont (Castlevania TV Series)

Trevor Belmont Castlevania Netflix TV Series

While the Castlevania Netflix series has many different and complex characters, if anyone could be the main character, Trevor Belmont would definitely have the most votes. He’s definitely got the coolness to be one of the more epic Belmonts of the Castlevania video game series.

Trevor Belmont and Sypha Belnades Castlevania Netflix TV Series

Trevor’s role on the TV series is very similar to his video game Castlevania III: Dracula’s Curse. He’s a vampire hunter who wants to take down Dracula himself. So he partners with a magician named Sypha Belnades.

Trevor Belmont fighting Alucard Castlevania Netflix TV Series

And Dracula’s half human son, Alucard. The three of them managed to infiltrate Dracula’s castle, defeat his army, and kill the vampire king himself.

Trevor Belmont sword fight with Russian vampire Castlevania Netflix TV Series

Trevor Belmont’s role in season 3 takes a big downfall but it picks back up in the final season as he learns that there are vampires and other dark creatures attempting to revive Dracula himself.

Trevor Belmont battle against Death Castlevania Netflix TV Series

While he’s successful at preventing Dracula from coming back from the dead, the final adversarie in the series is actually Death, who was masquerading as a vampire named Varney. The fight between them was pretty darn cool. And it seems that Trevor Belmont gave his life to defeat his supernatural opponent.

Trevor Belmont final episode Castlevania Netflix TV Series

But he shows up out of the blue at Alucard’s home, a decent amount of time after defeating Death. I was glad because Sypha was pregnant and it would have been rather cruel for her to raise the next Belmont as a single mother.


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