Things I Like: Dracula (Castlevania TV Series)

Dracula Castlevania Netflix TV Series

Dracula is the main antagonist in the first two seasons of Netflix’s Castlevania, which is a big “duh” if you ever played the Castlevania video games.

Dracula meets Lisa for the first time Castlevania Netflix TV Series

He was never a very good vampire until he met his future wife Lisa, who happened to be human and taught him how to be a better man.

Dracula fighting Alucard Castlevania Netflix TV Series

But when she’s murdered by the Christian church for witchcraft, he wages war against the human race and even fights his own son Alucard.

Dracula killed by Alucard and Trevor Belmont Castlevania Netflix TV Series

For which his son Alucard and his friends manage to defeat him and save the human race from Dracula’s rage.

Dracula and Lisa peacefully resurrected Castlevania Netflix TV Series

At the very end of the show there’s this bizarre scene where Dracula and his wife Lisa are somehow revived into the living world. Apparently free of his rage, they agree on a plan to live in peace without their son knowing of their resurrection. Which makes very little sense as there’s supposed to be a Netflix sequel series and Dracula should obviously be the main antagonist there. I’m not sure how they’re going to explain how he turns evil again.


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