Things I Like: Lenore (Castlevania TV Series)

Lenore Castlevania TV Series Netflix

Lenore was a very interesting character on Castlevania, we see her after Dracula’s death as she is one of the subordinates of the vampire Carmilla.

Lenore wearing blue dress in front of Carmilla Castlevania TV Series Netflix

She definitely was the prettiest vampire or woman on the show by far.

Lenore flirting with Hector Castlevania TV Series Netflix

It’s hard to blame Hector for falling for her. She baits him into going to bed with her, as it was a scheme for a magic curse meant to have him be loyal to her forever.

Lenore and Hector Castlevania TV Series Netflix

But I did enjoy that the two of them did have chemistry and a somewhat love story.

Lenore vs Isaac Castlevania TV Series Netflix

Someone spoiled that she died to me and when I saw this scene with Isaac, I really thought this would be her doom. But Hector convinces him to spare her.

Lenore dying by natural sunlight Castlevania TV Series Netflix

But with all of her vampire friends gone, she decides to kill herself by exposing her body to natural sunlight. I definitely didn’t like the ending, but it’s not entirely unexpected.

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