Things I Like: Isaac (Castlevania TV Series)

Isaac Castlevania TV Series Netflix

Isaac was one of the antagonists on the show but he wasn’t entirely bad. He’s also dramatically different from his video game incarnation from Castlevania: Curse of Darkness.

Isaac talking with Dracula Castlevania TV Series Netflix

But his backstory is very similar to what happened in the Castlevania video games. He worked as a Forge Master, making monsters to serve Dracula. He was definitely the vampire king’s most loyal follower.

Isaac pushed by Dracula into magic portal Castlevania TV Series Netflix

And when Alucard, Trevor Belmont, and Sypha Belnades showed up fight Dracula, he creates a magic portal and pushes Isaac through it to save his life.

Isaac using his monsters against Carmilla Castlevania TV Series Netflix

He spends the last two seasons with the aftermath of his master’s demise. His goal is to get revenge and he builds a very impressive army of monsters to accomplish that.

Isaac almost killing Lenore Isaac Castlevania TV Series Netflix

It was a bit hard to believe that even vampires like Lenore stood absolutely no chance against him. I was going to hold a grudge against him if he actually had killed her.

Isaac forgives Hector Castlevania TV Series Netflix

I thought he was going to kill Hector too but he forgives his friend for betraying Dracula. He manages to kill Carmilla and make himself happy with the outcome.


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