Things I Like: Saint Germain (Castlevania TV Series)

Saint Germain Castlevania Netflix

Saint Germain was a decent minor character on Netflix’s Castlevania TV series.

Saint Germain working as diplomat in Europe Castlevania Netflix

I was never quite sure of his real goals or motives, but he had traveled all over Europe spinning webs of lies and truths.

Saint Germain meets the love of his life Castlevania Netflix

We learned his ultimate goal was to reunite with his lost love. She somehow ended up in a weird time traveling portal to a different land.

Saint Germain meeting Alucard Castlevania Netflix

And he gets tricked into a scheme to bring Dracula back from the dead.

Saint Germain working with Varney to bring back Dracula to life Castlevania Netflix

All plotted by Death himself, so that Dracula could feed his hunger by killing thousands upon thousands of innocents upon his return. It doesn’t take long for Saint Germain to try to back out of the plan.

Death of Saint Germain Castlevania Netflix

And he does during the last conflict with Death, but he did give Trevor Belmont what he needed to win and survive the fight. He’s actually a character from the video game Castlevania: Curse of Darkness and he’s a very peculiar time traveler in that game.

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