Things I Hate: Varney/Death (Castlevania TV Series)

Death true form Castlevania TV series Netflix

Death is a common boss in the Castlevania video games, so it wasn’t super surprising that we see him show up in the TV show that Netflix made.

Death as Varney the vampire Castlevania TV series Netflix

But at first we don’t realize that he’s around at all, as he’s masquerading as a weird vampire from London, England named Varney.

Death intimidating Saint Germain to resurrect Dracula Castlevania TV series Netflix

His ultimate goal is to resurrect Dracula himself so that the vampire king can continue slaughtering countless innocents so he can “feed” off of it.

Death vs Trevor Belmont Castlevania TV series Netflix

He’s not technically the grim reaper but a creature of darkness that feeds upon death itself. Death and Trevor Belmont have a pretty cool epic fight in which Death loses.

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