Things I Like: Ross Geller (Friends)

Ross Geller Friends sitcom David Schwimmer

I do like Ross, but I will say during my second watching of Friends not that long ago, he has aged very poorly in retrospect.

Ross arguing with Rachel Green Friends sitcom David Schwimmer

It’s very obvious to anybody who ever watch Friends of how central the plot was to Ross obsessing over Rachel like an Incel. There were gaps of platonic friendship, but no other relationship was such a core story to the series.

Ross Geller talking with his sister Monica at Christmas Friends sitcom David Schwimmer

I sometimes almost forget that he’s actually Monica’s brother. I do think it would be strange to be among a strong friend group with another sibling.

Marcel the monkey on the shoulder of Ross Geller Friends sitcom David Schwimmer

Ross has done a lot of weird stuff during the series. It’s hard to forget about the monkey Marcel. Apparently David Schwimmer hated working with the monkey and a lot of the cast did too. That’s good acting because Ross loved that monkey.

Ross Geller and Asian girlfriend Julie Friends sitcom David Schwimmer

The most cringey things Ross ever does involves women. From many different failed attempts at flirting to catastrophic relationship damage, Ross has done almost it all. Including cheating on Julie for Rachel, despite being cheated on himself from his first marriage.

Ross Geller 2nd wedding to Emily Friends sitcom David Schwimmer

And wrecking his second marriage by accidentally saying Rachel and ensuring his divorce by refusing to never see her again. I don’t blame his second wife Emily at all.

Ross Geller makes a move on his cousin Friends sitcom David Schwimmer Denise Richards

And near the end of the series, I had totally forgotten that he had a crush on his cousin and made a move on her. Denise Richards is a very pretty woman, but it is very VERY disturbing to see Ross try to go full Alabama Roll Tide on her.

Ross Geller kissing Rachel Green Friends sitcom David Schwimmer

And at the end of the series, he ends up with Rachel. When I first saw the show when it premiered, I was so happy with the ending. But during a recent re-watch, I will confidently say that she should have ended up with Joey.


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  1. Theresa says:

    I agree, I would have liked to have seen her end up with Joey. But I did love the goofy Ross character too.


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