Things I Like: Disenchanted (2022 Film)

Disenchanted 2022 movie Disney+ poster

I will say that I was excited to hear that Disney was making a sequel to their 2007 surprise hit Enchanted. Amy Adams was phenomenal in the movie but the idea of a sequel is tricky because how can you really capture the magic of the first film? Before I spoil anything, it definitely doesn’t hold a candle to the first film.

Amy Adams as Giselle Disenchanted 2022 movie Disney+

It’s set 15 years after the original, just like how much time has passed since the first movie released. Amy Adams as Giselle looks almost just like her 2007 self.

Giselle and her baby daughter Disenchanted 2022 movie Disney+ Amy Adams

And her and her husband Robert took 14 years to have a baby. Which is kind of ridiculous, but they all move to a new town after deciding that New York City was not the best place to raise their infant daughter.

Morgan Disenchanted 2022 movie Disney+

The only person to protest the move is Giselle’s stepdaughter Morgan. She was stinking cute in the first film, but she’s stankin of teenage anger now.

Giselle holding magic wand Disenchanted 2022 movie Disney+ Amy Adams

And the movie starts its plot soon after Giselle gets the magic wand that allows her to make wishes. She decides to make her new town more like her home in Andalasia.

Malvina Monroe as a realtor Disenchanted 2022 movie Disney+ Maya Rudolph

Which turns a (normal human) queen bee like Malvina Monroe…

Evil queen Malvina Monroe Disenchanted 2022 movie Disney+ Maya Rudolph

Into a literal evil queen, hellbent on getting as much magic as she can. And she will stand in the way of getting this world ending wish reversed.

I really thought she was a terrible antagonist. Because in ways, she isn’t really the main bad guy like you’d expect.

James Marsden Disenchanted 2022 movie Disney+

I will say James Marsden aged really well in this movie too and it was nice to see his goofy character again.

Queen Nancy of Andalasia Disenchanted 2022 movie Disney+ Idina Menzel

Incase you don’t know, the character Nancy from the first film is back too and she’s Idina Menzel, who is the voice of Elsa in Disney’s Frozen. I had no idea who she was back in the day, but it was neat to see her now in another role that isn’t Disney’s Frozen.

Giselle realizes she's turning wicked Disenchanted 2022 movie Disney+ Amy Adams

I can see why somebody would not like Disenchanted. It flopped hard with critics and with audiences it was about half and half. I think even its worst haters would not consider it something that soiled the franchise like Godfather 3 did to its series. Its biggest problem is the lack of a true constant antagonist, as Giselle accidentally makes herself one. Plus with the musical scenes falling completely flat, it’s definitely a sequel that should have gone back to the drawing board and made a new script.


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