Alexander’s 2nd ER Visit

My son Alexander went to the emergency room Friday morning. His sister and I have been sick with influenza last week but they apparently said he had rhinovirus. He mainly went because he’s wheezing bad again. We have a breathing machine and treatments and luckily I had time to give him a dose before he…

Our Visit To Greenville Zoo’s Boo in the Zoo 2022

My wife and I took the kids to Boo in the Zoo at the Greenville Zoo this last Saturday. I had never been before and I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. While you do get to go to the zoo and see the animals, it’s really just one big giant Trunk or Treat style…

Baby Alexander Is Now 4 Months Old

My son Alexander turned 4 months old on the 15th. He spent Friday night with Grandma and half of Saturday with her. He was a tired boy, LOL. He’s starting to do baby talk but can’t quite get proper words out yet. I’ve been trying my hardest to get him to say “dada.” He’s definitely…

Baby Alexander’s Official Daycare Tadpole Picture

At Alexander’s daycare they call the little baby class the “tadpoles.” He should move up to the bigger baby class by the time they do a picture day again. Alexander definitely remains the absolute cutest.

Baby Alexander’s First Time in High Chair

We were visiting my mother in law yesterday and Baby Alexander fit in her high chair. He didn’t eat anything because he isn’t on solids, but he’s definitely getting big.