Our 2nd Family Beach Visit to Folly Beach (Charleston SC)

Last weekend we spent part of Spring Break down in Charleston, South Carolina at my father-in-law’s beach house. One of the very first things we did was go to Folly Beach, which is one of Charleston’s main beaches. This was my baby boy’s second time at Folly Beach and at the ocean in general. Unfortunately,…

Baby Alexander’s First Day in the Butterfly Room at Daycare

My son Alexander recently moved up to the Infant 2 class at his daycare. Yesterday was his first day and after letting his old teachers have hugs, I took him to his new room and he started crying especially as I closed the door to leave. When I picked him up, he was much happier….

Baby Alexander Has Graduated Tadpoles (Infant 1)

The left photo was his first day, so little and confused. The picture on the right is yesterday. He’s graduated and met his expectations at such a rapid pace, his teachers were hiding it so he wouldn’t have to move up as soon. Breaks my heart knowing that his two teachers won’t see him as…

Baby Alexander Having Ice Cream For the First Time

My son Alexander got his first bit of ice cream last week at Molly & Myles. We originally got him a scoop of vanilla and he hated it. I gave him some strawberry and he liked it but he wasn’t as excited about it as I expected.

(Not So) Fun Fact: Tim Scott Threatened To Impeach Obama

In 2011, South Carolina Senator Tim Scott said that if Obama raised the debt ceiling via the 14th Amendment rather than Congress it would be an impeachable offense. Tim Scott voted against convicting Donald Trump for blackmailing Ukraine and then for trying to overthrow the United States government.