Things I Like: Piston Honda (Punchout)

Piston Honda Japanese fighter Punch-Out NES Nintendo

Piston Honda is the third boxer in Punchout and the first to be considered a real “boss.”

Little Mac vs. Piston Honda punch out boss battle NES Nintendo

He’s a lot bigger than Joe Glass or Von Kaiser. He also can block most of your punches.

Punch-Out NES Nintendo Little Mac hits piston Honda

It doesn’t take super long to figure out his weaknesses.

Punch Out Nintendo Mario referee Cameo piston Honda boss battle

I always enjoyed knocking him out.

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One thought on “Things I Like: Piston Honda (Punchout)

  1. I didn’t know there were games like this. My dad was a boxer. I wonder what he would have thought about playing a game like this.

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