Things I Like: Whis (Dragon Ball Super)

Dragon Ball super whis his father Grand minister Japan anime

Whis is a major character in Dragon Ball Super, though you never really see him fight anybody.

Whis and beerus on King Kai's planet Dragon Ball super Battle of the Gods Japan anime

We first think he is merely the attendant of Lord Beerus, the God of Destruction. Which is technically true.

Turns out he’s not only just stronger than Beerus, he was his teacher in fighting. Instead of being a god, he’s technically an angel.

Bulma vs Lord beerus Dragon Ball super fighting yelling arguing Japan anime

Both of them spend most of the series, just eating food from Bulma.

Whis trains Goku and Vegeta uses Ultra instinct Japan anime

He does train Goku and Vegeta to be stronger.

Dragon Ball super whis and vados stops beerus and Champa

He’s not the strongest character in the series. His sister Vados apparently is stronger, and definitely his father the Grand Minister.

Dragon Ball super Universe 7 learns about the tournament of power Japan anime

I did think it was funny, that he and all his siblings were exempt from being erased during the tournament of power. But since they’re all children of the Grand Minister who might be the real mastermind instead of Grand Zeno, it makes sense.

Dragon Ball super whis brings Frieza back to life end of Tournament of power Japan anime

At the end of the series, he uses magic power to bring Frieza back to life without the use of the Dragon Balls.

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