Things I Like: Gohan (Dragon Ball Super)

Gohan Dragon Ball super orange jumpsuit Japan anime

Gohan had a much smaller role in Dragon Ball Super than he did in Dragon Ball Z. But he managed to have a likeable role here.

Dragon Ball super Gohan learns Videl is pregnant with pan

We get to see Gohan learn that he was going to be a father.

Gohan asking Shenron how to cure baby pan Dragon Ball super Japan anime

To be fair, Gohan is and always was a good father.

Dragon Ball super Gohan loses fight against Frieza Japan anime

What he lacks is power and skill now. Once the most powerful character in the series, Gohan got extremely weak.

Gohan spars with Goku Dragon Ball super Mystic form vs. Super Saiyan 2 Japan anime

Especially in the shadow of his father. Once Goku reached Super Saiyan God, Gohan never even came close.

Dragon Ball super Piccolo trains Gohan the tournament of power Japan anime

I was impressed Gohan wanted to train to get back to his old self. And he gets Piccolo to help him train.

Dragon Ball super Tournament of power Gohan and Piccolo vs namekian team Universe 6

Gohan did well trying to lead Universe 7 during the tournament of power. Too bad most of the team didn’t want to work as a team.

Dragon Ball super Tournament of power ultimate Gohan defeats dypso

With strategic planning, Gohan manages to defeat the third strongest enemy during the tournament of power. Though, the final move got him eliminated as well.

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