Things I Like: Bulma (Dragon Ball Super)

Bulma Dragon Ball super white coat Japan anime

Like always, Bulma is a pretty notable supporting character in Dragon Ball Super.

Dragon Ball super Bulma yelling Goku Vegeta beerus whis

Granted, she spent most of the series either buying food for Lord Beerus and Whis or yelling at Goku and Vegeta.

Dragon Ball super Bulma nurses Future Trunks back to health

I did like her role in the Goku Black Saga. We got to see her really maternal when Future Trunks came back and in poor health.

Bulma and Future Trunks Dragon Ball super Japan anime

Since Future Bulma was killed by Goku Black, Future Trunks seemed to really appreciate Bulma.

Dragon Ball super Bulma gives birth to Bulla whis Japan anime

She also gives birth to Bulla, sped up with Whis’ magic. If only all pregnancies were that painless

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