Things I Like: Piccolo (Dragon Ball Super)

Dragon Ball super Piccolo at bulma's birthday party

Piccolo had an okay appearance in Dragon Ball Super.

Dragon Ball super Lord beerus defeat Piccolo with chopsticks Japan anime

Though, he easily loses a fight to both Lord Beerus and against Frieza.

Dragon Ball super Piccolo babysits pan Japan anime

I thought it was cute, when he babysat Pan.

Dragon Ball super Universe 6 vs Universe 7 tournament Frost vs Piccolo Japan anime

He does get better at fighting later. He actually manages to defeat Frost before Vegeta makes him quit.

Piccolo vs Super Saiyan Gohan Dragon Ball super training Japan anime

He also trains Gohan like the old days.

Gohan and Piccolo Tournament of power Dragon Ball super Japan anime

Gohan and Piccolo work together well during the tournament of power.

Dragon Ball super Tournament of power Universe 6 namekian vs Gohan and Piccolo

They managed to get a lot of wins.

Invisible Man defeats Piccolo Tournament of power Dragon Ball super Japan anime

Sadly, he gets defeated by a rather lame villain.

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