Things I Like: Monaka (Dragon Ball Super)

Dragon Ball super monaka afraid of hit

Monaka was a decent joke character on Dragon Ball Super.

Dragon Ball super Z Warriors meet monaka Lord beerus

Lord Beerus introduces him as the most powerful mortal in universe 7.

Dragon Ball super monaka delivery uniform Bulma mr. Satan Japan anime

But in truth, he’s really a delivery guy that Lord Beerus paid to be motivation for Goku.

Lord beerus yells at Goku for punching monaka Japan anime dragon ball super

And Lord Beerus freaks out when Goku comes close to discovering the truth several times.

Dragon Ball super Universe 6 Saga hit vs. Monaka

To his horror, Goku loses to Hit and Monaka is forced to fight. Hit throws the fight and Monaka’s secret is safe.

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