Seven Deadly Sins (TV Series) Season 4 Review

Japanese poster seven deadly sins anime Wrath of the Gods

Seven Deadly Sins is an anime I started a few years ago. I really enjoyed the series, though it does have its faults. I was excited to see this fourth season, as the third had some pretty interesting concepts and cliffhangers.

Seven deadly sins season 3 Elizabeth remembers she's a goddess

The story takes place not long after the Seven Deadly Sins battled with the Ten Commandments. While many of the demons have been defeated, pretty much all of the Sins have survived. However there are a lot of things to plan and discuss among Meliodas and his team.

Seven deadly sins anime zeldris in Camelot Castle

Things aren’t looking too bright for Meliodas’ brother Zeldris. While he’s still conquered Camelot, most of his demon allies have been killed or defeated. He has to rely on his father The Demon King and a few mentors in the next battles.

Seven deadly sins real gowther and his doll flashback 3000 years ago

King and Diane soon get magically tested. During this test, they see glimpses of the past from 3000 years ago. What they see in the past will answer many questions, but it won’t complete the full picture. Will there be an end to this holy war?

Seven deadly sins Elizabeth and Chandler meliodas awakens as the Demon King

Overall, this new season on Netflix was pretty good. I really like the past scenes, but I was a disappointed with the ending. But there will obviously be a future season, so I will tolerate that. It’s still one of the better animes that currently stream on Netflix.

Score: B+

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