Bob’s Burgers (TV Series) Season 1 Review

Bob's Burgers season 1 poster

Bob’s Burgers is a TV series that’s pretty long-standing now, but up until now I had never really seen the series. It’s had a decent influence on “meme culture” but someone I know really liked the show, and that sparked my interest in checking it out.

Bob's Burgers Gene being hot dog boy

The show is about Bob Belcher and his family. They run a small burger and fries restaurant in a coastal town. His wife Linda is a little funny, but she is supportive…most of the time. His eldest daughter Tina is really socially awkward, while her younger brother Gene is a big goofball. The little sister Louise is her own kind of strange.

Bob Belcher vs health inspector Hugo Bob's Burgers

Bob has plenty of friends, but also plenty of foes as well. Things don’t go so well when the new health inspector Hugo arrives already looking for a fight. It gets even worse when he runs into Linda, and realizes that she is Bob’s wife. He still has feelings for her as Hugo was engaged to her before she met Bob.

Bob Belcher and Linda vs Jimmy pesto Italian restaurant Bob's Burgers

But Hugo isn’t the only one on the list. There’s also Jimmy Pesto who runs an Italian restaurant that serves as his “competition.” His landlord and some of his family aren’t exactly on good terms either. Can a small little burge place really keep up? Or will Bob find another line of work?

Louise potato experiment Bob's Burgers

Overall Bob’s Burger’s first season is good, but it’s not quite great. I hear this was a general feeling among most people on the first season. It’s not odd for any show or cartoon to have a “shaky” first season, but it’s still very enjoyable. I’m not quite sure what happened later on with production, but they must be doing something right to keep it running strong for so many years.

Score: B

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