Bob’s Burgers (TV Series) Season 2 Review

Bob's Burgers season 2 poster fox

Not long ago I started Bob’s Burgers which came out on Fox quite a number of years ago and is still running strong. It’s not my favorite show of all time, but I have enjoyed it quite a bit. But how did the second season fare against the first?

Belcher family dinner Bob's Burgers season 2

Not much has changed for Bob Belcher and his family. They still are running the burger place. And despite any minor successes, often meet life with more struggles.

Hostage crisis episode Bob's Burgers

But there are plenty of interesting moments for Bob and his family. Such as when a hostage situation takes place across the street and Bob thinks of it as a way to make his burgers famous.

Burger time arcade machine Bob's Burgers fox

And when Bob decides to put an arcade game in his restaurant, and his rival gets the highest score ever on the machine with a mocking name to taunt Bob. Bob then spends countless hours against his own health and mental sanity to fix that.

Tina and Bob swim class Bob's Burgers

Overall I’d say Bob’s Burgers is about on par with the first, as it is a rather short season, much shorter than I expected. I will keep watching it of course, as I hear the series does get even better with time which is the opposite of most shows.

Score: B

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