The Crown (TV Series) Season 2 Review

The Crown Netflix season 2 poster

I started Netflix’s The Crown not long ago and I have been enjoying it. British royalty have their fair share of drama today, and the same is true of the British royal family when Queen Elizabeth II was still young.

The Crown queen Elizabeth II with Emerald necklace Claire Foy

The second season continues as Queen Elizabeth II is still with her first prime minister Winston Churchill in office. She continues her reign as many countries in the British Empire are rebelling. Having no power as a constitutional monarch, she has to use her influence as a ceremonial figurehead to tackle problems that even the British prime ministers can’t comprehend.

The Crown Prince Philip with penguins Matt Smith

The biggest problem in season 2 for the Queen of England is her husband Prince Philip. He’s quite unhappy in the royal household and his only joys seem to come from his military career and when he’s flying in an airplane. Prince Philip does some pretty awful things behind the Queens back.

The Crown Prime Minister Harold McMillan Netflix

Though as Winston Churchill gets older, the time for a new British prime minister will come. This is when Queen Elizabeth II will learn that British prime ministers can either stay in office for a very long time or leave as quickly as they got in office

The crown Netflix first Lady Jackie Kennedy

Overall, I was pretty impressed by the second season of The Crown. I would say it’s a little worse than the first season but not by much. I am sad that the vast majority of the cast were recasted as I’ve already begun the third season.

Score: B

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  1. I’m not watching this series. In Canada, we hear so much about the Royal Family in the ordinary course of events, I’m sick of the whole pack of them.


  2. RO says:

    This isn’t on my massive list on Netflix, but I’ve heard a lot about it. Interesting to hear that info about Prince Phillip though. Glad you’re liking it a lot, and hope you’re doing well! Hugs, RO


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