Things I Hate: The Celebrity Dating Game

The Celebrity Dating Game Michael Bolton Zooey Deschanel poster

I watch some things for background noise when I’m working and this was one of them. I don’t remember the original show besides its legacy.

The Celebrity Dating Game Zooey Deschanel Michael Bolton

Zooey Deschanel usually acts well but she’s a miscast for a show host. Michael Bolton looks like he’s just there for the paycheck.

Male contestant the celebrity dating game abc

I just found these interview questions so dreadfully boring.

The Celebrity Dating Game Carson Kressley

I will applaud ABC for doing one episode with gay men. I didn’t stay interested long enough to see if a lesbian celebrity was a guest, but LGBTQ folks rarely get representation on this type of show. Good for them for allowing diversity.

The Celebrity Dating Game Iggy Azalea

But the celebrities I saw I only knew one, Iggy Azalea and I don’t really care about her either. Some of the later episodes they’re doing better with quality of guests but the quality of the show shows that things from more “groovy” times went out of style for a reason.

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