Donkey Kong Arcade (Carolina Arcade Museum)

Donkey Kong Arcade machine Nintendo

I was a bit excited to try this one out. It’s a big piece of Nintendo history. Before Donkey Kong, Nintendo was a rather unknown and rather mediocre video game maker who made a few ripoffs than their own truly original work.

Donkey Kong Arcade machine hidden donkey Kong 64 N64

It wasn’t my first time with the game. As a kid, I found the secret “arcade machine” hidden in Donkey Kong 64. I assumed the NES version was in this game, but no it was the arcade original.

Donkey Kong Arcade version Nintendo level 1

For some reason, I think the arcade game is much harder than the NES version. I blame the joystick, as I find a D-pad to be much easier to control Mario here.

2nd level Donkey Kong NES Nintendo

Speaking of the NES version, it was pretty faithful to the arcade version in graphics. Though it was missing a level. which is odd since the NES had much larger and better games after Donkey Kong.

Donkey Kong Atari 2600 version Nintendo

I’m sure it was better than the Atari 2600 version which came out before Nintendo had a home console. Are those chocolate-chip cookies or barrels?

Donkey Kong artwork

They also had this pretty neat art on the wall. All things said, I didn’t spend much time with the game. I played the NES version a lot, and I kept dying over and over with the arcade version.

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