House of Cards (TV Series) Season 1 Review

House of cards Netflix season 1

I have to admit, when I heard about House of Cards I wasn’t very interested. It was one of the first Netflix Original series, and because of that I didn’t give it much respect. Then I heard of how well it did with critics and a few people I know also enjoyed the show. It’s actually based on a British show of the same name in the 80s and 90s, except set in the present day in U.S. Congress.

House of cards Frank Underwood denied Secretary of State Netflix

The story begins with the Democratic House Majority Whip Francis J. Underwood who has been representing South Carolina’s 5th Congressional District for over twenty years. He’s ready to leave the House of Representatives as the President-elect promises to nominate him for Secretary of State. Right before the President starts his term, Frank Underwood is told he won’t be Secretary of State as they want him in the split Congress to pass bills. Feeling betrayed Frank decides to leave his alliances behind and get what he wants through his own process.

House of Cards Peter Russo running for Pennsylvania governor Netflix

Frank uses very questionable methods to progress his political career. For example he personally destroys Micheal Kern’s political reputation as he was nominated for Secretary of State in his place. He also controls a congressman named Peter Russo as he knows his “bad habits”, for a political advantage. As the season goes on, it’s clear that Frank is willing to do almost anything to climb the ladder.

House of cards Frank Underwood speaking in a black church Netflix

Overall House of Cards is an amazing show, and being a political person I also enjoyed it for being set in Congress. As a South Carolinian, I was delighted to see the character Frank actually be from South Carolina. He is from Gaffney which isn’t terribly far away from where I live. I loved the episode where he goes back to Gaffney to solve a crisis from a local tragedy. If you haven’t watched House of Cards yet, you truly are missing out.

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  1. RO says:

    I added this to my very long list on Netflix to watch, but never got around it, but I heard that it was a pretty amazing show. Then the stuff about Kevin Spacey came out, and it ended up getting put on a back burner. Definitely sounds quite interesting though. Hugs and hope your birthday was fun! Hugs, RO


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