Outlander (TV Series) Season 3 Review

Outlander season 3 poster

One of the television series I’ve been watching recently is Outlander. I’ve heard about it for years but I ignored it for quite a number of seasons. Now that the whole series is basically on Netflix now, I can actually watch it without subscribing to Starz. I’ve enjoyed it so far, but what did I think of season 3?

Claire and frank raising baby Brianna outlander

The season starts with Claire returning to the future. She has accepted the fact that Jamie died at the Battle of Culloden. Frank Randall finds her and tries to restore their marriage. It seems like the most logical plan of action for Claire as she is pregnant with Jamie’s child and the little girl will need a father.

Claire and Frank Randall at Brianna's graduation outlander

It’s hard to say if Frank believes the time traveling or not but the fact that she was in love with another man makes their marriage difficult. As their daughter Brianna grows up, things get harder at the Randall household, Little does Claire know is that Jamie actually survived the Battle of Culloden.

Jamie Fraser surrenders to the British army outlander

One of the very few to escape on the Jacobite side, James Fraser is not in the clear as he’s still a very wanted criminal in the United Kingdom. He’ll have to hide for years to escape immediate execution but will he survive enough years to see Claire again?

Claire and Brianna try to figure out where Jamie is in the past outlander

The third season of Outlander is definitely its weakest so far, but it’s still a pretty fantastic show. I didn’t imagine the series continuing much farther than the Battle of Culloden, but new twists in the story are actually pretty interesting. There’s still many moments where things are a bit too violent and torturous, but I can’t say that those moments ruin the show too much.

Score: B+

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