Things I Like: Meliodas (The Seven Deadly Sins)

Meliodas using full counter the Seven Deadly Sins anime

The main character of The Seven Deadly Sins, Meliodas is definitely more than meets the eye. With his incredible full counter attack, not many knights in Britannia can match the Sin of Wrath.

Meliodas stealing Elizabeth's panties Seven Deadly Sins anime

Despite his appearance, he’s one of the oldest characters in the series. We originally think he’s some kind of deviant with the way he treats Princess Elizabeth Liones. Such as dressing her up in skimpy outfits and magically taking her panties.

Meliodas hugging Elizabeth Seven Deadly Sins anime

But it becomes obvious that he only does these things to Elizabeth. He loves her, and I mean a lot. And she always seems to roll with it.

Estarossa stops meliodas during revenge counter with Love commandment Seven Deadly Sins anime

We later learn he’s not only a demon, but the first son of the Demon King. Once a leader of the Ten Commandments, he’s almost able to stop the best of the Demon race single-handedly until his “brother” Estarossa gets the upper-hand and kills him.

Meliodas returns and saves Elizabeth Seven Deadly Sins anime

Turns out, he doesn’t stay dead for long. I loved the episodes featuring his return from death.

Meliodas cries over the death of Liz Seven Deadly Sins anime

Unlike Elizabeth, he doesn’t reincarnate after death. Just loses pieces of his good nature after coming back.

Meliodas tells friends the truth about Elizabeth Seven Deadly Sins anime

And him and Elizabeth had been doing this for about three thousand years. With him watching her dying tragically over a hundred times.

Meliodas and Elizabeth fighting the Supreme diety and demon king Seven Deadly Sins anime

As Elizabeth was once a goddess and her mother and his father teamed up together to kill their children for falling in love with one another. Then placing curses on them for millennias.

Meliodas realizes hawk is a spy for the demon king Seven Deadly Sins anime

Then he decides to become the next Demon King to break the curse. For which he’s successful, sort of. With the help of his friends, he defeats his father for good.

Meliodas and his son Tristan Seven Deadly Sins anime

He later marries Elizabeth, becomes King of Liones, and they naturally have a son named Tristan. Meliodas is actually a character in Arthurian legend and this part is pretty accurate to that. So I kind of knew his fate already.

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