Sherlock (TV Series) Season 1 Review

Sherlock season 1 poster Benedict Cumberbatch

When I was younger I read a few of the original Sherlock Holmes stories, but other than that I’m not terribly familiar with the character that much besides the stuff he’s synonymous with. Someone told me to watch the show Sherlock which originated in the United Kingdom. I was shocked to realize that there was only three episodes per season, but they’re almost like individual films so it evens out.

John Watson meets Sherlock Holmes Sherlock season 1

Unlike some other works based on Sherlock Holmes, this one is set in the modern day. John Watson is an army doctor who has recently returned to England from war. He meets Sherlock Holmes and they become room-mates. Watson is shocked, but still impressed by Sherlock’s ability to deduct almost everything about a person in less than a minute.

Sherlock season 1 banker. Mystery

He finds out that Sherlock is a consulting detective who is often asked by the police to help them solve cases that stump them. Watson enjoys the thrill of the cases, and often assists Sherlock in solving them. However the two become quite notable, and gain the attention of a powerful nemesis.

Supernova artwork Sherlock season 1

Overall I will only describe Sherlock in one word, brilliant! The episodes are based on classic stories with a modern twist, but they’re so amazing that it’s hard to quit watching them once they started. I haven’t been so impressed by a television series in a very long time.

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