Sherlock (TV Series) Season 2 Review

Sherlock season 2 poster

Very recently I watched the first season of Sherlock, a modernization of Sherlock Holmes and was absolutely amazed by it. It was beyond brilliant, with such wit and incredible mysteries. Unlike most TV shows, Sherlock has only three episodes a season, Though they are like their own films, so they’re not over that quickly.

Sherlock vs Irene Adler Sherlock season 2

The second season begins right after the cliff-hanger of season two. Sherlock and Dr. Watson have met Jim Moriarty face-to-face, and they get an idea of how truly terrible their nemesis can be. Though Sherlock can rest for a little while and solve new cases. In one he meets Irene Adler, a woman who is fascinated by Sherlock but also wants to see if she can best his intellect.

Hounds of Baskerville Sherlock season 2

Other parts have Holmes solving the mystery of the giant hound of Baskerville. It’s where Sherlock encounters personal fear for the first time. Though his greatest enemy will soon give him the ultimate challenge as he hopes to destroy not only Sherlock but his legacy as well.

Jim Moriarty Tower of London Sherlock season 2

Overall the second season of Sherlock does not disappoint. I watched the second season so soon because of how good the original season was. It’s just as fantastic if not better than the first three tales. The epic finale was also superb and astonishing.

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