Video Game History: Yu Yu Hakusho: Spirit Detective (GBA)

Yu Yu Hakusho: Spirit Detective GBA boxart

Back in 2003, I was a huge fan of the Yu Yu Hakusho anime on Cartoon Network. Unlike Dragon Ball Z, video game makers took no time waiting to make a video game version of this anime. While many had already been created in Japan (the anime came out ten years earlier in 1993), Atari made a brand-new adventure for America and Europe. Oddly enough, Japan never saw this game reach its shores.

Yusuke Urameshi and Kuwabara Yu Yu Hakusho: Spirit Detective GBA

Yu Yu Hakusho takes a somewhat similar direction as Dragon Ball Z: Leagacy of Goku. Where you take the action-adventure route with mazes and quests along the way. Plus plenty of dialogue scenes.

Hiei vs Seiryu Yu Yu Hakusho: Spirit Detective GBA

But besides Yusuke Urameshi, you could also control his teammates like Kuwabara, Hiei, and Kurama. Some characters were needed in certain levels. Each character had their own abilities, and there was plenty of boss fights with the series villains.

Yu Yu Hakusho: Spirit Detective Nintendo Game Boy Advance Atari

While I was more patient, my brother rushed out to get the game. His opinion was slightly higher than the critics who panned it for linear levels, terrible controls, awful graphics, and abysmal combat. While I’m still a fan of the show, I wouldn’t put this in my GBA even if it landed in my lap.

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