Fun Fact: Battle of Culloden

Fun facts about the battle of Culloden

When the House of Stuart’s Catholic members lost the throne of Great Britain to their Protestant cousins in the House of Hanover, there were attempts to reclaim the crown. Charles Edward Stuart, a grandson of James II (the last Catholic king of Great Britain) sailed to Scotland and raised a rebellion of Catholic forces. Most of the British military was off fighting the War of Austrian Succession leaving British forces weakened at home. The last battle known as Battle of Culloden had about pretty even odds (though British soldiers slightly outnumbered Jacobites) but was a major British victory. Mainly due to the failed leadership of The Young Pretender of the House Stuart, his forces were crushed with thousands dead. British forces only lost about 50 men.

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2 thoughts on “Fun Fact: Battle of Culloden

    1. I kind of expected English supremacy if he had won. Like his ancestor James I, Scottish favoritism may dull in a few generations


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