Things I Like: Sgt. Frog (TV Series) Season Two

Sgt. Frog season 2 poster anime Japan

I watched all of season 1 of Sgt. Frog, an anime where frog-like aliens attempt to conquer Earth. Until they realize they’re too lazy, stupid, and unmotivated to do so. Keroro and his crew are back and it’s pretty much the same as before.

Keroro looking at the globe Sgt. Frog season 2 anime Japan

Sadly there are no major new characters around this time. Except a glimpse of Sarge’s dad if that counts. So it’s basically just more episodes where Keroro attempts to conquer the planet using a goofy scheme, and fails every single time.

Running from the bulls Sgt. Frog season 2 anime Japan

But it did have a couple of good moments. I liked the Valentine’s Day one, the snowball fight one, the one where Natsumi gets ill, the winter olympics one, and the magical board game one.

Keroro playing ice hockey Sgt. Frog season 2 anime Japan

I didn’t laugh nearly as much as the first season, but it’s not going to disappoint fans too terribly. Both seasons were actually both halves of the original season 1 in Japan.

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