Things I Like: Holey Moley (TV Series)

Holey Moley season 3 poster Stephen Curry

While I was still on paternity leave, I came across Holey Moley on Hulu, but its true home is on ABC. I’m a big fan of mini golf, so this one was pretty appealing.

Surf wave ramp Holey Moley mini golf ABC

There are several seasons now but each one has a course with pretty challenging golf holes.

Stephen Curry vs Rob Riggle robot Holey Moley mini golf ABC

The main guy of the show is Stephen Curry though you don’t see him that much. He’s an NBA player but he obviously likes golf too.

Lumberjack log dodge Holey Moley mini golf ABC

It is definitely interesting to see several different people putting various holes. Some are actually kind of easy looking.

Slippery ice mountain Holey Moley mini golf ABC

But most of the holes are pretty brutal. Especially as you watch the later seasons.

Lady knocked out by windmill blades Holey Moley mini golf ABC

Which sucks some of the fun out for me. Except for the windmill one, seeing the windmill knock somebody out is still pretty funny.

Rob Riggle and Kermit the Frog Holey Moley mini golf ABC

The latest season has the Muppets on there, which I don’t quite understand.

Jeannie Mai Holey Moley mini golf ABC

While I do like the show, I definitely don’t love it. It becomes pretty redundant and because of the way the holes are designed, it’s mostly dumb luck that anybody wins rather than mini golf skill. I also wished it was just two contestants per show because I didn’t feel like rooting for countless weirdos.

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