Things I Like: Castlevania (TV Series) Season 4

Castlevania Netflix TV Series season 4 poster

I remember when the original Castlevania season first hit Netflix. It’s hard to believe it’s been that many years. I don’t know why it took me awhile to see season 4 (which is the final season) but nevertheless, here we are.

Sypha Belnades and Trevor Belmont Castlevania Netflix TV Series season 4

The season is heavily based on the video game Castlevania: Curse of Darkness for which Trevor Belmont is an extremely minor character, and I don’t believe Sypha Belnades shows up at all. So they have to make up a lot for those characters. But they mainly go around Europe trying to hunt creatures of the undead.

Alucard with sword in scabbard Castlevania Netflix TV Series season 4

Alucard shows up too and he’s a little bit more bitter since the last season. Two humans tried to assassinate him but he’s still on the side of good.

Carmilla talking to Lenore Castlevania Netflix TV Series season 4

Carmilla and Lenore still have the forge master Hector as their prisoner. The gorgeous redheaded vampire grows worried when Carmilla wants to expand to world domination instead of their very calculated and smart plans of the past.

Isaac with monster army Castlevania Netflix TV Series season 4

And the forge master Isaac has been very busy since Dracula sent him away. Deeply angry at his master’s death, it becomes obvious that this seems to be a path of death and revenge.

Death pretending to be vampire named Varney Castlevania Netflix TV Series season 4

And sure enough there’s a lot of new dark creatures that we haven’t seen before. Plus a plan to bring back Dracula, which would be devastating for all parties involved, except the vampires.

Trevor Belmont fighting undead skeletons Castlevania Netflix TV Series season 4

Overall I did like the final season of Netflix’s Castlevania. It definitely is a lot different from the video game Curse of Darkness but it’s an entertaining season. Sometimes it does focus a little bit too much on action instead of story and that last scene was very confusing to me as a Castlevania fan of the video games and knowing its timeline.

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