Things I Like: Alucard (Castlevania TV Series)

Alucard Castlevania Netflix TV Series

Alucard is one of my favorite characters from the Castlevania video games and his role in the Netflix TV series is definitely pretty good too.

Alucard with Trevor Belmont and Sypha Belnades Castlevania Netflix TV Series

His real name is Adrian Tepes and he’s the son of Dracula and his human wife Lisa. When his mother dies and his father becomes genocidal against humans, he partners with Trevor Belmont, and Sypha Belnades to stop his dad.

Alucard fighting vampires in Dracula's castle Castlevania Netflix TV Series

Despite being only half vampire, since he was the son of Dracula, he could easily take down most of the stronger vampires without much issue.

Alucard vs Dracula Castlevania Netflix TV Series

While it happens briefly during the start of the show, this wasn’t the first fight Alucard had against his father. As when he fought him alone, he was seriously injured. But thanks to bringing along a vampire hunter and a magician, he’s able to commit patricide and save the human race.

Alucard kissing Japanese woman Castlevania Netflix TV Series

His role in season 3 is rather depressing as he’s kind of lost his purpose. A pair of male and female vampire hunters from Japan seek his skills and wisdom. They both end up trying to sleep with him after they feel like he hasn’t been telling them the whole story and try to kill him. In which, he bitterly kills them before they complete their mission.

Alucard saves human village Castlevania Netflix TV Series

Despite that, he’s still a good guy and helps fight creatures of darkness to save human beings. I did like his interactions in the final season with that human lady.

Alucard saving Trevor Belmont Castlevania Netflix TV Series

He manages to see the end of the series which is a big given since his video game Castlevania: Symphony of the Night takes place several centuries after. Netflix is apparently doing a sequel series and I’m sure he’ll show up in that one as well, which I will be delighted.

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